Lamelia’s Wedding Dress Workshop

Getting engaged is one of the happiest occasions in a girl’s life time. Quickly girls want to start the search for the dress of their dreams but do not know where to start. From experience, most girls have a picture in their head of what they would like to wear on the most important day of their lives but often it’s the complete opposite they end up going for.

After countless requests to do one to one consultations on wedding dress shopping and getting feedback about the knowledge gained after the consultation, I felt it was time to pass on my professional advice,by setting up a workshop that would benefit every bride-to-be before they start wedding dress shopping.

Why attend Lamelia’s Wedding Dress Workshop?

From experience, I have learnt when brides-to-be start the dress hunt they are so focused on trying on dresses they visualize themselves in, either from a childhood dream or from looking at pictures online, that they actually could miss “Thee Dress”! By attending a Lamelia’s Wedding Dress Workshop you will gain invaluable, honest advice on all aspects involved in finding your perfect dress.

What’s involved at Lamelia’s Wedding Dress Workshop?

• Discussions on the best style dress to compliment your body shape
• Discussions on the different necklines of wedding dresses
• Discussions on the many different fabrics of wedding dresses
• Discussions on the different colors of wedding dresses
• Discussions on what underwear is best to wear with your wedding dress
• The do’s and don’ts for attending a wedding dress fitting
• and much, much more

The Workshop is an enjoyable two hours, where the bride-to-be and one person of her choice will be treated to afternoon tea and prosecco in a relaxed environment. This is not a bridal appointment. You will only see dresses used as examples of styles, fabrics and colours. Just a little taster of some of the fabulous gowns stocked at Lamelia! My aim is that the bride-to-be will leave with all the important information to go in search of her dream dress with the confidence to make the whole wedding dress shopping an enjoyable and memorable experience which every bride-to-be deserves.

For further information on next available workshop please contact Dawn on 071-9310561 or 087-2927240 or alternatively email